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Neenah is the perfect fit for environmentally aware companies that want to integrate sustainable large format print media into their business activities for a better environment. It is all about taking small steps to make this planet a better place for our communities and generations to come. Neenah is a forerunner when it comes to eco-friendly substrates from renewable resources.

Festivals & events

Organizers of festivals and events have the opportunity to reduce the direct impact on the environment. Neenah offers the ability to use print media that is made out of recycled content, PVC-free and can be disposed and recycled easily. This also generate financial savings in waste removal.


The big supermarket chains recognise the growing demand for more environmentally-friendly food and goods and move to meet other sustainability goals, such as in-store displays, hanging signage and other visual communication.


Retailers of all sizes are taking steps to become more sustainable. Retailers use print media in the application of display graphics, hanging signage, posters, etc. to market their products or services. Neenah offers a range of paper-based alternatives to traditional sign & display products.


Neenah is the ideal solution for brands that want to integrate eco-friendly print media into their sustainable business operations and marketing campaigns.


Interior designers & Architects

The demand for PVC-free wallcovering is growing. Neenah wallcovering materials are PVC-free, manufactured using at least 20% post-consumer waste content, and its environmentally responsible construction supports two LEED credits. This makes it very suitable for durable, sustainable applications in the health care, leisure, hospitality and hotel industry.

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