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Neenah products contain at least 10% PCW, are bio-based, FSC® Certified, PVC-free, disposable and more easily recycled, making paper-based wide format products a more eco-friendly solution. In many cases paper products represent the opportunity to achieve major cost benefits over the lifecycle of a product. When a paper sign is no longer needed it can go right into the paper-bin, with no special sorting, also eliminating the need to commission specialty waste removal.
Blox-Lite® in the application of window signage

FSC® Certified

Made with recycled content

Does not contain PVC

Paper is easily disposed

Neenah's green values

It is Neenah’s commitment to the earth, the sky and future generations to conduct business in more sustainable ways. It is also a commitment to make it easier and simpler for our customers to make smarter environmental choices and making it easier and simpler to do the right thing for the environment. We are committed to making meaningful reductions in our environmental footprint by focusing on all our customers’ top priorities:

• Continue to expand our offering of papers made with recycled content, including post-consumer recycled fibre.

• Continue to expand our offering of FSC® Certified papers to support well-managed forests and the responsible use of forest resources.

• Continue to reduce our carbon footprint through mill-based energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions.

Cost saving

There is still a misunderstanding that sustainability entails high costs. Green does not always mean that the product is more costly, one should also take the total life-cycle cost of the product into account; that is where the Neenah products fit. Not only in the production of the graphics but also in the reduced cost at the end of life of the product. Neenah Wide Format products can be disposed and recycled as regular paper.

Waste removal

Especially in the Sign & Display industry many products made out of polyester, PVC and other plastics are used for just a short period of time and are disposed when the campaign is over. Costs of disposal of plastics and laminated materials are increasing all the time. This leads to an increased demand for ecologically safe and efficient “green” products that are also cost-efficient after the use of the product. Neenah products fulfil the demands and needs of the modern Sign & Display industry.

Our product-life cycle approach to sustainable print media


The cellulose fibres are sourced from sustainable sources. Neenah is FSC® Certified to support well-managed forests and the responsible use of forest resources.


All print media is manufactured with care for the environment in mind. Both in the manufacturing itself as well as in the composition of the product.

Use of the product

Users of Neenah are more sustainable and use products that are bio-based, PVC-free, and made out of recycled content.


Neenah can be disposed easily, representing the opportunity to achieve major cost benefits over the lifecycle of the product. Focused on the principles of reduce, re-use and recycle.
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