Neenah® Wide Format

Neenah Wide Format is a range of environmentally friendly printable paper solutions. Neenah is bio-based, PVC-free, and where possible contain post-consumer waste. The cellulose paper fibres are sourced from sustainable sources and is FSC® Certified. All Neenah print media is manufactured with care for the environment in mind. Both in the manufacturing itself as well as in the composition of the product.

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DigiScape® wallcovering

DigiScape® is now available in Europe, a superior alternative to PVC coated wallcovering materials.

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Paper-based alternatives to non-recyclables, like vinyls and films.


Two-side printable paper alternative to PVC blockout vinyl banner

Blox-Lite® is made with 10% post-consumer waste content. Moisture resistant and suitable for sewing and grommeting. It does not contain film providing a cost-effective recyclable alternative.


GreenLight® II Plus!
Paper alternative to traditional backlits

GreenLight® is a backlit paper that incorporates 10% post-consumer waste to achieve maximum sustainability without sacrificing the critical print and display properties.

It's more widely recycled




Neenah products contain at least 10% PCW, are bio-based, FSC® Certified, PVC-free, disposable and more easily recycled, making paper-based wide format products a more eco-friendly solution. In many cases paper products represent the opportunity to achieve major cost benefits over the lifecycle of a product. When a paper sign is no longer needed it can go right into the paper-bin, with no special sorting, also eliminating the need to commission specialty waste removal.

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